Friday, March 25, 2011

India-Aus Match Prediction :)

Hi friends jus wan to share my assumption abt the match before the match get sarted in the noon.. almost 90% was went with me
Jus gona see this conversation with  Nithin Pai n comment :P

me: :)

painithin1987: toss dalle ve???

me: na 2 'o clock..

painithin1987: okie

me: aji pale India win jatta
1:51 PM
painithin1987: okie..even i wish to win itsef
1:52 PM
me: Aus will bat first ll score 265-280
tendle will score 45-50
yuvi kohli pathan also contributr thier runs...
sehwag will hit 50+if he plays:(
india ll get the mark by 47.4 by 1-2 wkt in hand
1:53 PM
its my assumption will see it

painithin1987: okie..will c

depends on toss



me: will see ..

painithin1987: who wins na..they wll bat first

me: hmmm

1:54 PM
will bat first my 6 th sence is too good these days

zaheer ll give 48 runs n 3 wkt bunch

painithin1987: first india shuld put for spinners in the beginning
1:55 PM
so that only ther is more chances to win

me: yuv will takei 2 will show his effort in fielding a wonderful catch

painithin1987: pathan is out today

since raina wll be in

me: who told

team not at diceded boss
1:56 PM
painithin1987: i got news in ibnlive

me: then also he ll take catch as substitute :P

painithin1987: actually he is best for substitute as a fielder
1:57 PM
me: hmmm thats all

painithin1987: wokie..its 2 c the toss

me: will see if my assumption going good ill put an astrology stall

painithin1987: hahahaha...good good
2:00 PM
me: ponting will hit <90

2:01 PM
painithin1987: that i will say bcz he is good while playing against india

me: hmmm


painithin1987: shet its ausis win tos s re baba

2:02 PM
me: ya ...


but india will win
2:03 PM
painithin1987: will c

me: my first assumption is correct
27 minutes
2:30 PM
painithin1987: yes ashu will open the attack

me: :)

painithin1987: i tld na
2:31 PM
even i tld raina is in
26 minutes
2:57 PM
painithin1987: india gone

huge six

by haddin

me: ya..

he is my player in fantasy

2:58 PM
only he n ponting will play

painithin1987: wt indians r thinking????

me: watson will out in ths over


painithin1987: okie..let it be
3:02 PM
me: sche..


painithin1987: kassa re

me: wrong jalle

painithin1987: ok

me: poloya migele assumption

haw watta assa match polochak

painithin1987: bhajji ailo
8 minutes
3:11 PM
painithin1987: watson gon
10 minutes
3:21 PM
me: kashi?

haw sangile

painithin1987: okie

next kedana sangha

me: ani kheltha 133 magi 135 bittari haddin
3:22 PM

painithin1987: kon haddin ve??

will c
3:23 PM
me: hmmm

hw ll score 50+ n out when ponting is at 83*
3:25 PM
inbetween ponting ll get a life by droping up a catch/ or missing up of stump by dhoni


painithin1987: :)
3:27 PM
me: munaf would most econimist bowler in this match


baap re.. boroch bittari 13 run dille madyan

3:29 PM
painithin1987: yeah

me: pale re..

mige 6 th sence?

I have already told abt D.hussiy n mike hussey in the match... unfortunately i dont have the proof as i was watching the match .....

It was my day :)

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  1. Awesome prediction man...

    U can surely open a astrology stall :) LOL